Days 19-22

With all of this snow, I have been inside more than out this week. It is comparable to the winter Kansas generally has this time of year (but apparently it has been irregularly mild there lately).   I didn’t realize that I signed up to experience Moscow this semester!

Sunday, I went to Bar Duomo to watch some of the Super Bowl at midnight (time difference) .    None of the guys stayed stayed for some reason, so there we were… four American girls watching football in the weeee hours of the morning.  It might have been better if more people were there, but I missed watching it with Dad, or at least some other enthusiastic sports fans…  Oh well; next year.


Studio is starting to get a little more serious.  We are diving into A Pattern Language by Christopher Alexander, and applying it to the city of Orvieto.
Last night we all went to Zeppelin to celebrate Ashley’s real birthday, and had a wonderful time again.  Full course meal and great wine… it was delicious.

Tuesday’s lecture with Marco was a fascinating journey through the rise of the Byzantine Empire and the growth of Constantinople, modern day Istanbul, Turkey.    I never imagined wanted to see Turkey, but I am seriously considering traveling there after studying here in Italy come May.   I had been planning on visiting Egypt and Israel with a group of my friends, but I am still uneasy about Egypt.   The events happening there do not lessen my desire to go, but I may tour it another time in my life.  There is so much to soak in and learn about in this part of the world.


As long as I am talking about travels,  there is a great group of us going to Barcelona, Spain and Greece over Spring Break.   Ever since I started learning Spanish, I wanted to walk and talk in Spain, and after looking through several forums, I have an overwhelming impression that travel in Greece for westerners is still quite safe and relatively easy (there are transportation strikes here in Italy too, but that is only an occasional inconvenience.)  We will spend half of the break in Spain and half in Greece.


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