Day ??

Yesterday Orvieto had more snow than they’ve had in 3 years.   I don’t know how Kansas City is getting 65 degrees and it is so cold here… it seems reversed.  Nevertheless, we’re having a blast.


Last night we had people over, which turned into a great night of vino and guitar playing. Gary and Susanna came over with us for a while early in the night, which is also very fun.   I am really glad Josh and Aaron brought their guitars along.  Dillon, Gabe, Aaron, Josh, and I all played some through the night, with Blake playing the table.  This went on until…3am when most people went home.


This morning/afternoon, Anne and I did some pilates in the living room and then went down the Funiculare  to the Coap in Orvieto scola for some cheaper groceries.  Our fridge was empty before, but now it is quite packed with goodies (and Nutella).

Due to the aforementioned weather complications, we are postponing our trip to Assisi and Perugia for another time.  We were hoping to celebrate Ashely’s birthday in Perugia, but we will come up with something fun here in Orvieto…

Ciau for now~


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