Day 9: Orvieto 1/25

I am more than excited after talking with Professor Gary Coates today.
He pulled Nathan and I aside after learning that we were both very interested in delving into the area of sacred architecture.  Samantha and Jessica joined too.  This happens to be a passion of Gary’s that he’d been hoping to share with students, so the four of us (with Gary facilitating) will be looking into sacred numbers, geometries, and meanings within spiritually based architecture. We’re obviously using the Duomo here as our primary case study.


These studies should take my previous semester (where I designed a church) to a new level of understanding, and compound what I learn from the several churches we will visit through the semester.   Personally, I am curious how this will compliment & contrast ideas from the denomination I identify with (Nazarene) as understood in a quote by founder Phineas Bresee: “We want places so plain that every board will say welcome to the poorest.”

What care and intentionality can be woven into the design of a place of worship?


Other texts for the semester:  The Eyes of the Skin: Architecture and the Senses which is the basis for our seminar on Architecture of the Body.


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