Day 8: Orvieto 1/24

Ashley, Anne, and I woke up at 7am so we could sketch before class this morning.  I decided to go for the big guy and sketch the façade of the Duomo for the first time.  I purposefully kept it loose, but here it is before I add a splash of water color to it:

History with Marco began at 9:30 again, and was mind blowing– just like the first class. Marco has an incredible ability of connecting the roots and symbols of prehistoric and historic civilizations with their geographic, artistic, and philosophic influences of other cultures in a way that makes sense and takes hold of your attention for hours.   With the help of a café macchiato about half way through, I followed Marco’s depiction of the Etruscan development of stone coffins, to the influence of Greek anthropomorphic (human shape) representations, to the influence of abstract and geometric art from the Orient on early Greek art, to the pride Greeks had for the male body, to the implications of women in Greek society, to ideas of beauty by Policlitus (proportion), Phideas (ethos and moral value), and Praxitulus (more feminine masculinity),  then to the spread of Greek philosophy, language, and art through the Middle East…  India and Greece had a fascinating exchange when it came to how they represent their god(s) and art. History (especially seeing evidence of if it) captures my imagination, and I can’t help but love how it is all connected.

Connecting mythology with ideals, such as fertility and invincibility to philosophies about God that are so similar to those in other (seemingly very different) cultures is enlightening.  Those ideas shaped how people lived and foreshadows many of the things we take for granted today.


There is going to be a strike from Thursday evening until Friday evening, so our Rome trip has been pushed to this Saturday.  Marco will be our guide.  Katie, Ashley, Anne, Cammie, and me are planning on staying there an extra day to take in more of the sites.  (Most likely some other apartments (ie groups of us) will stay too.


My Italian class is with Marina, a very nice Italian woman from Centro Studi.  Cooking with Lorenzo this Thursday.


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