Day 7 (Monday)

This morning I couldn’t quite decide when to wake up.

Our professor had pushed class back an hour til 10,  so naturally, I stayed in bed an extra hour.  So around 9:05 I was just about to crack an egg in the skillet for breakfast when Katie reminded me that Anne and I needed to be at the post-office by 9am for some paperwork. (You get to pay an extra fee for staying in Italy more than 90 days)    We get out of the apartment asap, get lost, ask for directions, and make it to the post office by 9:15… va bene!

I headed back to Centro Studi for studio, where we did the typical “Why did you choose this program/Italy/Orvieto?” discussion.  For break I picked up a cappuccino to-go and a pastry filled with Nutella for 2.40 euro… worth it. (Plus the to-go cup is pretty interesting… it isn’t Styrofoam, but you won’t get burned There is air space between the “cup” part and where you hold it…  seems much more effective in my opinion. )

*Note:   Café (coffee) and Cappuccinos in Italy are much smaller, but pack a bigger punch…

Also, to my excitement, they have Snuggles fabric softener in Italy!  It is one of my favorite smells, as you may know if you’ve ever lived with or near me.

Quick summary of the rest of the day:
We watercolored and watch The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers extended edition.

Went out to celebrate Kylie’s birthday and saw Gabe and Dillon at Bar Duomo again.

Studied. Bed.

I resolved not to sleep-in regularly.


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