Day 6: Orvieto: 1/22

The bells of the Duomo tolled at 8:15, inviting the people of Orvieto into its great copper doors. We are still in bed, enjoying the darkness of shuttered windows.  The five of us had planned to go, but never figured out the times until we heard the bells; we will go to mass next weekend.  Oh… this Friday we will be visiting Rome!

On the Courso Cavour is the main road that spans the length of the city east and west.  The locals will walk the Courso after lunch (pronzo) and dinner (cena: che-na). People here walk at a very different pace too.  Where Americans typically walk with a purpose, Italians walk slower.  Imitating their pace is uncomfortable at first, painfully slow, but with time you learn to enjoy the journey as much as the destination.

Another difference,  Italians have many many bars.  However, a bar in Italy is quite different from what we have in America.   Here, a bar is a place to stop in for cappuccino and a pastry (tasty!). On the topic of drinking,  Italians rarely have alcohol when it is not accompanied with food.  To be drunk is highly frowned upon here. It is associate with the bottom of society,  the antagonist of the stories.  I think many Americans think that since they don’t have a drinking age, and frequently have wine, that they abuse it… but this does not seem to be the case.

Our group met at a place called Clandestine last night (it always seems packed). They served little bite sized cheese sandwiches with the wine–interessa (interesting).

Two of the “baby chefs” from our cooking class to us to Bar Duomo for some Prosecco and we experienced a little “night life here”.  It was fascinating how many more people our age were here Friday and Saturday.   The rest of the week we really only see older people.

So far, the Italian women have varying reactions to us.  Some are very kind and hospitable,  like the women who work at the Studi Center, our landlord, and the women in line at the market, but there have been many on the streets (especially in the evening ) that give us dirty looks.  It will be interesting to find out why.

Today:  Explore our neighborhood in depth for studio and sketch.

Buona sera


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