Day 3: Orvieto: January 20, 2012

Our class met at 9am for an introduction to our first project.  We will be exploring in-depth the neighborhoods each apartment lives in, and then present to the class… in an effort to understand some basics about Orvieto.  We then had our first history class with Marco! It was a tremendous 3.5 hours of really fascinating insight to the modern Italy and the 20 states that make it up, the Savoy family, the transition from Fascism to the Republic and the history behind their Constitution. Then he went back to the immense historic symbolism that has been at work in art and architecture since prehistory.  It flew by.

































Anne, Ashley, and I then took a couple of hours to stroll through the city and took pictures while the city was quiet (siestas).  I am trying to upload some pictures from the last three days now so you can get an idea what I am seeing.

Tonight:  Swan Lake Ballet at the theater here in Orvieto! 


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