Day 2: Orvieto: January 19, 2012

Last night a few of the girls attempted to use the tub, but found the hot water to be in short supply. Cammie actually boiled water for a bath. This morning, I think I got the hang of it. Wet the hair, apply the shampoo, and rinse… turning off the water in between. Fastest shower of my life!

Class met at 9:30am for some orientation paperwork, and then we were free to explore the market. The market was intimidating at first, but after watching a few people, realizing a kilo was about 2.5lbs, and figuring out what we wanted, we gave it a go. While browsing the vendors I picked out some cheese (formaggio di vaca) , a kilo of arance rosse (blood oranges), and some pomodori (tomatoes) for around 10€. While ordering the oranges, the vendor gave me a bit of an Italian lesson too.

On our tour of the city, we walked around the outside edge of the hill town. 5K (3.1 miles).  Spring will be fantastic! I use a wide-angle lens, which has turned out perfectly for this city!

The class exploring the perimeter of the hill town

For dinner, we went to Zepplin, Chef Lorenzo’s restaurant. He is the chef we will be taking a class from next weekend. He served several delicious appetizers and Prosecco. That evening we picked up some vino and had some people over. We played Uno, but practiced our numbers and colors… as well as random Italian insults when we had to Draw +4.


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