Day 1: Kansas City – Washington D.C. – Rome – Orvieto: January 17, 2012

  What a day!

I arrived at KCI with 27 students from the CAPD around 5:15am on Tuesday.  Parents said their goodbyes with a few tears in their eyes and we boarded a small jet bound for Washington DC.  As we aimed for the sky, the pilot found a monitor in the cockpit that would not work, so a maintenance man came out to the plane to replace it.  After thirty minutes or so he was finished, but in that time I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew, we were above an endless bed of clouds.  (picture)

We arrived in DC with 4 hours to spare. Did I mention that our pilot’s name was Captain Kirk?

On to another window seat, our flight to Rome was in a 767. I woke up from a Benadryl induced nap when we were flying over France (around 5am their time).  The beautiful city lights would occasionally show through the rolling clouds .


We arrived in Rome as the sun was rising.  Before picking up our luggage, we came across a three long lines.  Standing there, waiting to hand them my passport, was almost like waiting in line to heaven— anxiously waiting to proceed into the booth ahead, hoping I’ve done what I need to get inside.

I made it through with stamp that is hardly legible, but continued on to my luggage.  I don’t think we even encountered customs…  We took a charter bus on to Orvieto, and met a few ladies who were to take us to our apartments. (I will get back to how gorgeous the city is!)

 At the moment, I am speechless about the Duomo.  Such a discovery as I rounded the corner. It is a magnificent sight that pictures will hardly do justice.

The five of us walked around the left side of the Duomo, down a few steps and around the corner to our apartment, which is immediate off a tight street. Our landlady opened the door and we were thrilled at what we! Two double rooms, one single room, 1.5 bath, living room, darling little kitchen, back private patio, and plenty of storage space in the rooms (I think we lucked out!). It doesn’t have wifi, but I can access that at the Study Center, one of the other apartments, or an internet café. Our landlady baked us a lemon tart and cut fresh lilies for our table, in the spacious living room. 

Did I mention that the Centro Studi (the Study Center) is facing the Duomo!? So we live incredibly close, and will walk by it every day on our way to studio.

For dinner, around 8 pm, three of us went in search of a pizzeria.  We found a little one down the road.  We were awkward at first—only using one word sentences – but once we sat there a while with our phrase book, we were able to organize ourselves a bit better.  The pizzas were delicious! One Caprese and the other had procciutto & formaggio (ham and cheese), but the bread and oil was so flavorful.

It is 9:35pm as I finish writing this, and I think we are all going to bed early… Tomorrow is orientation, our first experience of the market, tour of the city, and some exploring!  Ciao

Thank you to all my friends and family who helped me prepare and to those who pray for us while we are here~


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